The Golden View Complex

We class Golden View as the only one of its kind in Queensland.  It caters for the WHOLE of the Greyhound Industry.

Golden View caters for Brood Bitches, Rearing, Whelping, Spelling, Pre-Training, Public Training, Re-Education, Pups for Sale and of course the main part of the complex Breaking-In.

We have a Council Licence for 100 dogs and have a Racing Qld Licensed Trial Track.

The Complex is operated by Casey and Alan Dargusch.

Golden View has been operating for over 20 years and is located about 1 hours drive from Brisbane, situated between Lowood and Gatton.

Golden View is a family business operated by Alan and Casey Dargusch and their sons Bailey 5 and Riley 2.

Here at Golden View we know how much these wonderful animals mean to our clients and every Greyhound that enters our care is treated as if they were our own and part of the family.

We strive to give your Greyhound the best possible care. We have owned, trained, bread, reared and educating greyhounds since falling in love with them in 2001.

Here at Golden View we are constantly learning from these wonderful animals, and we believe that helps us better ourselves in the services we offer you.
We believe the key to successful racing greyhounds starts from the time they are born and that is why we feed the best food possible and worm regularly.